How we made one of the biggest C2B car selling platforms.

How do you develop an application in an extremely competetive market in which you are competeting against million and billion euro companies?

This is a question we genuinely gave a lot of consideration. But in the end the answer was simple. Make sure to fill a need, and offer good service and transparency.

We did a lot of research on what the market was like, but also what the market was missing. We took up the viewpoint of a consumer and started working from there. Even though there is a lot of negative about the car industry, we still put online, succesfully. Within the first year we almost got website of the year.

By creating an honest car selling platform where the consumer feels safe, Autovendi was able to take on the goliaths of the industry. Nowadays Autovendi is one of the biggest C2B platforms in the car industry in the Netherlands

Skills Development, UX/UI design, Branding, Marketing, SEO, Graphic
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