About us

Vendi Concepts thinks and creates together with you

  • 2015 Establishment Vendi Concepts B.V. | VenDesign.nl

    As two young and hungry entrepreneurs, we decided to step out of a previous company. We got there together in 2013, and this turned out to be the worst and best choice of our career. The worst choice financially and the best choice because it was the biggest lesson we have ever had. Sometimes you just have to experience what not to do (understatement) to learn how to do it.

  • 2016 Application AutoVendi

    In February 2016, we launched the web application AutoVendi.nl. A portal where private consumers can sell a car. The application was booming and was nominated for website of the year that same year. For the buyers of the cars (dealers) we have built a native application where people can bid on cars.

  • 2017 Team extension | GP Poule

    We have expanded our team and we have grown to 6 employees. This is partly due to the success of AutoVendi.nl. In 2017 we also launched GP Pool (then Formula 1 Pool). This is a web application with a native app included. Until today it is one of the largest F1 pools in the Netherlands.

  • 2018 Team expansion | Big names

    We are one year further and our team has been reinforced with another 8 people. We are now in total with 14 employees. What a milestone that was! They always say hard work pays off and a number of big names have noticed that we deliver quality. We came into contact with program makers from RTL4 and marketers from adidas for assignments.

  • 2019 Team expansion | Automotive specialist

    We have become 23 men plus interns. An amazing growth with much more potential stretch. Due to the success of AutoVendi.nl I have done so many automotive assignments from simple WordPress websites to extremely complicated web applications for large parties such as Bedrijfswagen.nl, the largest commercial vehicle search engine in the Netherlands. It can be said that we are a specialist in the field of web and the automotive industry.

  • 2020 Corona is not holding us back

    We are busy developing a new application for the car industry and connecting it to our current platforms. Subsequently, we want to develop an application for the car industry in 2021. Due to the corona we have been able to build impressive web applications and there are still fun assignments on the schedule. Our portfolio contains a number of examples of our work

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